Christian Aid week


Christian Aid week runs from 10th-16th May.  Whilst our thoughts are inevitably taken up with the problems in our own country at this time, it is important to remember that tremendous suffering continues elsewhere in the world.

Besides the usual issues of famine, drought and war, coronavirus is having its impact on the World's poorest people.  Many countries lack proper health services and frequently have tiny numbers of ventilators.

Even where infection rates are currently low, the impact of lockdown can be catastrophic for people struggling to survive, where governments cannot provide support such as furloughing.  In addition some communities (e.g. Bangladesh textile workers) have been hit by the collapse in demand for their produce from the Western world.

Normally we would raise money in Leavening by house-to-house collections, by a coffee morning and by our Church collection.  We are unable to do any of these, but please click on the button to donate online, or read on for details of how to give in Leavening.


If you can't donate online, please put your donation in an ordinary envelope marked 'Christian Aid' and leave it in the white post box at Hallgarth (bottom of pub car park).  Cash, or cheques payable to ‘Leavening Methodist Church’ please.   If you are unable to get out, phone 658346 and we will arrange to collect your envelope.  

Whilst Christian Aid is a church organisation, it aims to relieve suffering in all communities, including those of all faiths and none.  However, if you would prefer to give via another agency, click here for Oxfam's coronavirus appeal.