Thought for the Week: 13th September 2020

Our thought this Sunday is by Steve Langton, based on an idea by Jane Bingham.

Unchanging, but not static or bland

I was very struck by some words written by a local preacher called Jane Bingham in last weeks ‘Vine at home’ service:

… look how God works through the unusual and the different. The disruptive. The birth of a great nation through an elderly barren couple. The work of a small child to defeat the most giant of enemies. The words of a prophet advocating peace and ploughshares not war and weapons. The challenging words of an itinerant preacher full of humility as a mark of greatness. The spirit-filled exuberance of sharing the good news to anyone who was around in the street as opposed to the ritual of prayer and fasting that was commonplace.  What can you think of in the stories Gods people placed before us as truly important in our scriptures? Where do you see disruption of the status quo.

You see for me this is the God we adore. Faithful, unchangeable but not static or bland. A God seeking always to love us and encourage us to do the same for others. A God whose love knows neither measure or end and will do anything to make it known. Even if it means showing us something fresh.

I had to book a doctor’s appointment this week for one of the kids.  Before lockdown I would probably have had to wait a week for an appointment and then go into the surgery.  Instead we were speaking to a doctor on the phone within the hour and were then able to quickly book with the nurses for some checks.  A much better service than previously.

Similarly the church needs to take the opportunity to look at what it is doing and not fall into the trap of trying to make everything go back to exactly how it was before lockdown.  The unchanging nature of God can be a source of comfort in the current crisis, but we must also remember how, as Jane says, God can work through disruption to create something better.

Almighty God, we give thanks that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.  But we know that all of us in the church need to find new ways to serve you.  Help us all to work through the current disruption in our lives to build a better church and a better world. Amen