Thought for the Week: 10th January 2021

Our thought this Sunday is by Linda Stannard


As I write this our country has gone back into lockdown. This time round there isn't the shock of the unknown, or even the anticipation of what is ahead, but a deep sadness for those suffering, the sick, the bereaved, those who have lost businesses or jobs, those who can't pay rent or mortgages, and those afraid or alone.  My particular 2020 was much as other peoples, working from home, in my case changing from visiting and taking services to making phone calls, and unable to see my grandchildren.

Then in September I caught the dreaded virus. I went downhill until I spent two weeks in hospital in October. I am still not well three months later.  But there have been good times as well; Face times with the family, the staff in the Covid ward at York Hospital, who were so kind to me. I pray for them now. The services on You Tube and Steve's words for Leavening.  The phone calls and cards from others. That warm feeling of being loved, and the knowledge that others are praying for me.  And then more than anything feeling God’s love for me.

After all He made us: Psalm 139 v 13: "You formed me in my Mother’s womb, in an amazing and wonderful way". He knows us: Isaiah 43 v 1: "I know you. I have called you by name and you are mine."  He takes our burdens: Matthew 11 v 28 "Come to me all you who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest" and he loves us John 3 v 16 "God so loved the World that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not be lost but have eternal life"

So however the virus is treating you, remember we have a God who made us, knows us, takes our burdens from us, loves us and so much more.

Please join me in prayer:
We live in a world that is frightening; war, fear, disease, hatred and pain are part of the news we hear every day.  We ourselves experience loss, sadness, worry and loneliness.  But Lord we turn to you. You have promised your strength and love to us, and we lift our hearts to you now in acceptance.  Without you we know we are nothing, but with you we can come through our problems, we can know your grace and goodness to us, and feel your loving arms around us.  And we also pray this prayer for your hurting world. Amen