Thought for the Week: 31st May 2020
This thought was written by Linda Stannard.



When will we go out? - not with masks and gloves and fear that we might be floored by a virus, but as we used to do, in freedom not caring what we touch. Able to go to the cinema and theatre or for a meal or hug one another and do our shopping in actual shops not on line. What joy!

And even though our joy will know no bounds when that day comes, it will be nothing compared to the disciples when the Holy Spirit came to the upper room and gave them freedom (Acts chapter 2 v 1-13). It was the day of Pentecost - the perfect day when Jerusalem was full of people from many countries come to take part in the Festival of Pentecost, celebrating the final fifty days after Passover had been celebrated; thanking God for the time when the Angel of death had passed over the houses of the children of Israel and killed the elder sons of the Egyptians, so that the Pharoah told Moses to go to. Leave behind  their slavery and go. Freedom for them.

And God chose this very day for the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit, because he wanted them to know about and to tell others about freedom.

What is this freedom? It is freedom from sin, Jesus took all our sin on the cross and when he rose again it was proof that death had been conquered and we could all go to Heaven.  But we need help to live a life that we should once we are forgiven, and that's where the Holy Spirit comes in giving strength, hope, life, and power. Jesus’ promise that the power from on high would come to them had come to pass (Luke chapter 24 v 49).

So though we long for isolation to end  it will be nothing to knowing the power of freedom brought by the spirit, not just to the disciples on that day of Pentecost long ago, but for each of us today when we accept the Holy Spirit’s blessings for ourselves.

A prayer.

Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit came to the disciples at Pentecost, fill us today that we might have your power filling us with your joy and hope, and know the freedom that he brings to each one of us. And through his power just as the disciples did, help us to tell others. Amen.