'Warriors' usually meets at Leavening Primary School once every half term for games, bible stories and crafts.  We can't do that at present so instead we have Warriors on-line


You may have eaten your Easter eggs now, but it is still the Easter holiday, so we are having a competition to see who can make, draw or paint the best Easter garden.  Here is an example taken from the web:

The garden should have three crosses to remember that Jesus died on Good Friday - you can make these from sticks.  It should also have the tomb where Jesus was buried, but it should be empty to show that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and is alive today! 

If you want, you can add other Easter images, like eggs or rabbits to complete the scene.

Remember you can either make a model like the one shown, or you can draw a paint a picture.

To enter the competition, email a photo of your garden to admin@leaveningmethodists.org.uk before 20th April.  Everyone can enter (even bored adults!) and the best ones will be published on the website (we won't use your full name, but let us know if you don't want yours to be shown).  There will be a prize for the winner and certificates for the runners up.


Competition - Easter garden